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Waste-Free World

In a current world where plastic consumption is everpresent and our planet is near the brink of further environmental turmoil, what can you do to help? One of the most significant ways we waste plastic is by using straws.

This once thought amazing creation is now impacting our earth, animals habitats, and most importantly killing many animals that ingest or get tangled in them. Below I am going to explain why choosing reusable options over plastic options can have a positive impact on the earth.

Why is it essential to reduce plastic waste?
As of April 2018, eight million metric tons of plastic are dumped into our oceans annually. According to Earthday.org, “There are five massive patches of plastic in the oceans around the world. These huge concentrations of plastic debris cover large swaths of the ocean; the one between California and Hawaii is the size of the state of Texas.”

When plastic bags, bottles, and microfibers break down, fish and other animals will ingest these harmful particles and not be able to process the plastics, which usually results in death. Implementing ways to use less plastic now will help to reduce the forecasted prediction that plastic waste will rise tenfold by 2050, making there more plastic in the ocean than fish. What are three easy waste-free hacks that you can use in your lives?


Choose bamboo straws
Just by saying no at restaurants, bars, and other places that give the option for a straw, you can reduce a lot of plastic waste. You’re going to be surprised when you realize how many you used to go through and for what reason? Bamboo, glass, or steel straws do the job just as well and leave less of an impact on our world.

Bamboo forks and knives instead of plastic to-go ware
Always on the go and don’t have time to cook? That’s okay, invest in a pair of bamboo to-go ware utensils that you can travel with. Choosing to opt out of plastic cutlery when eating out is another way to help the environment.

Tote bags for your groceries or shopping
The next time you’re at the grocery store and you’re asked, “Paper or plastic?”,  feel free to say paper. For a more reusable option, feel free to purchase a few canvas or hemp bags that you can wash by hand.

These are not only great for groceries, but they can be used for other items like when you’re at a convenience store, shopping for clothes, etc.

In hopes to reduce and reuse, recycling has become apart of my new lifestyle, and it’s been great. Having an understanding of how many plastic bags I would use to bring items from point A to B was absurd.

There are many other ways to be more sustainable, for example, our toothbrushes, kitchen dish sponges, and plastic water bottles.

What are your favorite ways to reduce your plastic consumption? Comment below and let me know!

Bedner’s Fresh Farm Market

Farmers Market

Looking for somewhere worthy of your time this weekend? Visit a farmers market! There’s nothing better than strolling a market lane by lane to browse the bounty of fresh fruits, veggies and unique homemade and locally made creations.

Farmers Market

Every Saturday, my roommate, friend and I head to the notorious Bedner’s Farm Fresh  Market in Boynton Beach, FL. The best part about this market is the ever-exciting U-pick; meaning you get to pick your own produce right from the vine, bush or tree!

Upon entering, I’m immediately overloaded with amazing fruit, breads, vegetables, herbs, wines, freshly squeezed orange juice and more. It’s tempting not to toss one of everything in my reusable grocery bags.

When I’m finally ready to check out, I often find myself pausing after I unload the cart because I have no idea what the grand total is going to be. It’s like a game! But when you purchase organic, local produce you don’t have to worry about the bill! When you shop at a farmers market, you’re essentially cutting out the middleman. You pay for your food at cost rather than marked up prices (think big-box retailers). Plus, nothing beats the level of freshness you get when you buy local—especially when you know the level of care being sowed in.

Farmers Market

It’s also smart to always ask your local farmers if their produce is organic, what pesticides are used and if it’s Non-GMO. Like I always say, once you go farm, you’ll never go back!

If you would like to plan a visit to Bender’s Fresh Farm Market- click here. 

Farmers Market