The Benefits of Using Garden Sheers

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5 Reasons to use Hand Sheers

A primer or hand sheer are essential to any home grower’s toolbox. They help remove any unwanted old branches and flowers. If you ask any gardener what their best friend would be, they would say “hand sheers.”

Having the right tools in any garden is the equivalent to having good pots and pans or knives in the kitchen. Although this is not a sponsored post, I really enjoy this tool and want to share why. It was gifted to me back in 2017, and I love using it.

Below I’m going to highlight five important reasons why having hand sheers for your vegetable and fruit cultivation is smart.

Garden Sheers - Tomatoes

Easy on the wrists

Having the right tool will help alleviate any unwanted stress or pressure brought on by removing your food from the vines.

It’s crucial that you protect yourself (yes even while working in your garden) to ensure that you do not give yourself any unwanted discomfort that could later turn into a more significant issue (i.e., carpal tunnel).

Garden Sheers - Zucchini

Different pruners for different jobs

Just like in any kitchen where there are different knives or spoons or spatulas for various tasks, there are also different types of sheers. The one that I currently use is a gardening pruning shear, and it works wonders!

I have used it on homegrown red peppers, tomatoes, okra, kale, herbs, aloe plant, and trimming of my lavender. I highly suggest investing in at least one high-quality garden tool to help you work more efficiently.

Grow healthier plants

When you trim or cut plants at the right place (with a clean cut) it is beneficial for the survival of the plant. I enjoy these pruners because of the shape of the scissors. It allows you to cut right near the bell of the plant which makes it a lot easier on you!

Garden Sheers - Plants

Minimize fatigue

When you have a small or medium garden, it can be quite laborsome when you have to trim all of your plants or cut all the veggies and herbs for a harvest.

Having a lightweight tool that you can use to quickly cut through whatever it is you need for the time being is very helpful. Plus, you won’t ruin your plants since you aren’t ripping them off the vine.

Faster harvests

Having the right tool for the job speeds up your cultivating process. Instead of using a knife or other device that could potentially harm the plant, using a sharp “scissor” that works like a charm will be hugely beneficial.

I hope that in whatever you chose, your garden grows bountiful and that you have a fun time learning about all the different things you can grow.

Learning how to grow our own foods is very simple and is a great way to save some money. Nothing beats fresh food that comes from a familiar place — your own backyard.

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